Dorpers into the New CenturyDorpers into the New Century by Dolf Lategan
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Mr. Lategan opens with the 65 year history of how this unique breed of sheep came to be! He then outlines breeding philosophy, nutritional requirements and a business plan.
For most Dorper enthusiasts, the best part is Mr. Lategan’s in-depth description of what makes a Dorper a superior meat producer. Known for their short legs and long, deeply muscled bodies, Dorpers are AKA the “Angus” of the sheep world.
There are pages and pages of photos and illustrations of what a Dorper should and should not look like. This comprehensive handbook is a must-have for every serious Dorper breeder or aficionado!
An online copy is available free.  But if you prefer, you may purchase a hard copy from:
American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society
PO Box 259
Hallsville, MO 65255-0259
Telephone: 573-696-2550
Fax: 573-696-2030

The official website of the American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society listed above. This is “THE” United States Dorper membership and registration organization. Here you’ll find membership and registration rules and regulations, news of upcoming Dorper Shows & Sales, Dorper history and a host of other interesting information.